Tiger CPU Universal Plate Clamp – Lifting Slings
Tiger CPU Universal Plate Clamp fast shipping - Lifting Slings

Tiger CPU Universal Plate Clamp

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 CPU Universal Plate Clamp

The Tiger CPU Clamp can be used for lifting and transporting steel plates and
structures from all positions (horizontal, vertical and sidelong). As well as transporting
plates, this clamp is well-suited to turning over steel structures and welded
constructions. It has an articulated lifting shackle so can be fitted to a steel plate
in any position. It is designed to be used with a two leg chain sling for lifting longer
plates without the need for a spreader beam. The CPU is equipped with a pre-tension
mechanism ensuring the clamp does not slip when lifting force is applied and when
a load is being lowered. For use with plates with surface hardness of up to 300 Brinell
(HB) / 32 Rockwell C (HRC).

Plate Clamps should not be used if the surface temperature of the material
being lifted is above 100°C. (212°F). The ambient temperature of the operating
environment should not be lower than -20°C (-4°F) and not be higher than +50°C