Yale D85 Pull Lifts with Zinc Plated Link Chain

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The D85 Pul-Lift is the original ratchet lever hoist, the unit on which Yale was founded. There are many cheap imitations on the market but C/D85 is the ONLY ratchet lever hoist that can be called a Pul-Lift. The main body, housing cover and the lever head are made from high tensile white malleable cast iron, providing overall rugged construction. The graphite cast iron load sheave for the link chain has precision machined chain pockets for accurate fit and durability of the load chain. 


The Yale D85 Pul-Lift is the quality choice for the hire industry. It is designed for heavy duty work and is suitable for almost any application in maintenance, mining, construction, steel fabrication, shipbuilding, utility work, and especially in the rail industry. 


The D85 is ideal for spotting and securing heavy loads, simplifying the setting of pipes etc. In manholes and trenches.