Harness - Checkmate PBH06 - Two Point Rescue

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PBH06 - two-point rescue harness

The PBH06 is designed to support the body and distribute the forces to prevent serious injury and keep the worker in a safe position ready for rescue in the event of a fall. The extended rear D provides secondary connection for rescue purposes only.

Standards: EN 361, EN 1497 : 2007


  • Anchorage Rear D dorsal attachment point
    Sternum attachment point
  • Fittings Carbon Steel, Black Powder Coated
  • Webbing Polyester Webbing, Water Repellent & UV Resistant
  • User Weight 150kg Maximum [Including tools and equipment]

Product Features

Certified fall arrest points are clearly marked with an A, the rear “D” should always be your primary anchorage, although front “D” connection is permitted for fall arrest but is primarily for work positioning. The extender D is for rescue only.

The PBH06 must be used in conjunction with an energy absorber or load limiting device.

Maximum impact force 6kN.

When used for fall arrest a pre-determined rescue plan must be a part of your safe system of work.

Recommended anchorage strength 12kN.


Rescue Strop - The rear of the PBH 6 incorporates an integral rescue lanyard sewn to the adjustable rear “D” connection.

Fall Arrest Indicator - Fall arrest indicating tabs allow the user to easily and confidently determine if the harness has been subjected to fall forces.

Trapezoidal Buckles - Angled buckles ensure the harness webbing follows the contours of the body for a more secure and comfortable fit.

Reinforced Webbing - Potential stress points are reinforced for an extra level of safety and durability.

Contrast Stitching - Grey contrast stitching is used so that on inspection, prior to donning, the user can determine the integrity of the harness.