Yale Corrosion Resistant Hand Chain Hoists with Stainless Chains 500kg-4000kg

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Corrosion Protection CR 

Increased Life Expectancy
All models of yalelift 360 programme can be supplied with corrosion resistant features and be fitted with stainless steel load and hand chain. 

Corrosion Protection 
Corrosion starts on the surface of components due to reaction of environmental influences. This affects the mechanical properties of the components, e.g. breaking load and total ultimate elongation. 

Many components are supplied in black (unmachined), bright (machined) or painted condition. This offers certain protection but after only a short period of time corrosion can begin. With the application of a protective coating, the development of corrosion can be reduced and delayed, thus extending the service life of the treated components. 

Completely corrosion resistant units with stainless steel hand and load chains should be used in all conditions with increased requirements towards corrosion protection.