Tiger BHW Brake Hand Winch – Lifting Slings

Tiger BHW Brake Hand Winch

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BHW Brake Hand Winch

The Tiger Brake Winch is a high quality multi-purpose winch used for a wide variety of lifting and hoisting applications. The
automatic brake ensures the load remains suspended when the crank is released and avoids unchecked descent of the load;
there is no freewheeling making the hand winch extremely safe to operate. All the mechanical components are enclosed for
protection against dust, dirt and rain contamination. This equipment has a lifting capacity ranging from 800lbs to 2600lbs.
The BHW is compact and lightweight yet rugged and durable. These units meet and exceed all the requirements within BS EN
• The original brake hand winch
• High quality multi-purpose winch
• Automatic load-actuated brake can hold the load in any
• Compact, light-weight and rugged construction
• Gears and brakes fully covered to prevent dust, dirt and rain
• Heat treated gears
• Very low operator effort required for easy operation
• Dual handle pinion shaft option available on all models, allows
handle to be fitted on both sides
• Universal mounting plate
• Available as 800lb, 1200lb, 1800lb and 2600lb models.
• For cable and strap
• Finished in high quality powder coat paint offering excellent
corrosion protection
• Noiseless 1200lb model available
• Fully corrosion protected versions available
• 3D Drawings available on full range for project planning
• Operating temperature of -40°C to +80°C (temperature range
of -60°C to +80°C available as an option)