Camlock CH Horizontal Plate Clamps 1000KG to 20,000KG (Pair) – Lifting Slings

Camlock CH Horizontal Plate Clamps 1000KG to 20,000KG (Pair)

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The CH horizontal plate clamps have been specifically designed to be used, in pairs, for the transportation of plate bundles as well as single plates with a minimum thickness of 5mm.

A pair of clamps used with a two legged chain sling are suitable for small plates. It is recommended to use two pairs in conjunction with a spreader beam for handling of larger plates, These units are supplied as standard with a smooth jaw. There is also the option of hardened steel teeth for special applications. Please contact our technical department for further details.

The HH horizontal plate clamps incorporate all of the features of the CH clamps, yet are manufactured from high strength steel giving them exceptionally low tare weights.

Workmanship and parts

These plate clamps are service-friendly, making it easy to exchange parts, which are readily available. Clamp repairs are available through the factory, or can be done by a competent person.

*Price Listed for Smoothed Jaw, if Serrated jaw required please contact us for an up to date price.