Heavy Duty Ratchet Straps / Cargo Tie Down 1000KG - 5000KG (Sold In Pairs)

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The Lifting-Slings range of heavy duty Ratchet Assemblies meets British and International standards.

Suitable for all types of tie down applications. Protier ratchet straps offer flexibility, control and long life durability. In lengths from 3 metres through to 20 metres as standard, Lifting-Slings can provide your lashing or tie down solution.

*SOLD IN PAIRS (Price per 2 units)*

Longer Lengths & alternative end fittings available on request.

We manufacture all of our ratchets in house here in the UK, ensuring the highest quality and the strictest standards.

All ratchet straps are manufactured and labelled in accordance with BS EN 12195-2:2001