Kratos Fall Restraint & Work Positioning Lanyards – Lifting Slings

Kratos Fall Restraint & Work Positioning Lanyards

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Kratos Restraint & Work Positioning Lanyards are part of the complete Kratos Safety range offering a high quality range and product support at a competative price.
Based on its commitments  "safety for life" (importance of the human life at work), KRATOS SAFETY is a provider focused on innovation, value creation, quality overtime, expertise in design and manufacturing.
We believe that safety is a priority in all work environments in height.
So comfort and ergonomic are essential for us: an Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E) more comfortable will always be better and consequently the user better protected.


EN354 :Connection elements or part of a restraint system, they limit the range of movement of a user. Breaking strength > 22 kN

EN358 :A work positioning lanyard allows a user to maintain himself in tension (or in suspension) to a workstation with his hands free. Braking strength > 15 kN


The lanyards shall provide the worker a maximum of security while causing the least inconvenience possible to the user.
- A work positioning lanyard could be used when there is no risk of falling, otherwise it must be used with a suitable fall arrest system.
- A restraint lanyard should be used only when you want to prevent a user from accessing an area where there is a risk of falling. The Forked lanyards are designed to be used in the same way but for passing intermediate anchor points.