Man Riding Basket / Stretcher Recovery Crane Cage – Lifting Slings

Man Riding Basket / Stretcher Recovery Crane Cage

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The stretcher cage is supplied as a crane evacuation cage for the use where a casualty needs to be evacuated from height. 

Suitable for 2 personnel ( 1 casualty and 1 attendant) each cage is supplied with fork pockets for easy transportation and comes complete with four leg chain sling attached to the main lifting points. 

Up and over single door located on the narrow side of the fully enclosed cage permits the first aider to enter and leave the rescue cage with the stretcher.

Finished in yellow.

Diementions are as follows

Weight 425kg

Load capacity 700kg

Width 1250mm

Length 2500mm

Height 2335mm 

Delivery 6-10 weeks from date of order. Price does not include delivery but this can be organised at additional cost to anywhere throughout the UK.

This price does not include recovery stretcher.