Round Endless Lifting Slings 2 Tonne 0.5m EWL - 5m EWL

Round Endless Lifting Slings 2 Tonne 0.5m EWL - 5m EWL

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Round slings are an all-purpose lifting sling enabling a strong and non-damaging lift of a load. They are extremely light weight and flexible in multiple directions, allowing easy and quick manipulation even when fragile loads are being lifted.

Round slings are a continuous loop made from polyester yarn encased in a sleeve of polyester or nylon fabric. The sleeve is constructed, so that it protects the internal yarn core and holds them in place at all times.

The yarn core is free to spread out where the round sling is in contact with its load. This provides a broad support, which cushions the load against damage and reduces slipping. The low stretch characteristics of the polyester yarn also
prevent ‘load bounce’ when lifting.

Protier have been manufacturing round slings in the UK for over 30 years, our experience and control over this process allows us to be completely flexible to our customers needs, meaning we can offer fully bespoke items if required. All our slings meet the requirements of LOLER / PUWER regulations and come with full certification.

EWL = Effective Working Length (Load bearing point to load bearing point)