Yale TZL Crane Weigher WLL 0-20 Tonnes (without Remote Control)

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Measuring range 0 - 100 t


The Tigrip® load indicator is a mechanical measuring instrument with electronic display. On account of its flexibility the Tigrip® load indicator has universal applications. Whether used as a conventional crane weigher or to measure forces, it is the economical choice for various applications. It can be used in conjunction with shackles and hooks. The load indicator is provided with liquid crystal display (LCD), which can tare as well as show either the gross or the net load. It also indicates overload at 110% of the rated capacity and the status of the battery.



 • High accuracy

 • Lightweight design

 • Easy-to-read display

 • Easy to use

 • Robust design

 • Retains the peak value to memory.

 • The battery capacity provides for around 200 operating hours.

 • Automatic setting to zero when load indicator is switched on.

 • Use of rechargeable batteries possible (external battery charger*).

 • Display of maximum weight (gross/net).

 • Display of measuring units at the load indicator.

 • Measuring units kg, t, lbs, to, kN.

 • Automatic stand-by for a prolonged battery lifetime.

 • Simple change of batteries

 • Warning if batteries are low.

 • Overload warning

*  not part of the delivery package