Yaletrac®'Steel' Cable Pullers – Lifting Slings

Yaletrac®'Steel' Cable Pullers

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Pulling force: 500 - 3200 daN

The portable Yaletrac® ST steel cable puller is a versatile tool for pulling, lifting, lowering, tensioning and securing loads over long distances. been specially designed for applications in industry, building construction, civil engineering, power line construction, ship building and oil refineries

etc. The Yaletrac® ST cable puller is almost service free – easy to use and safe.
Cable pullers model Yaletrac® ST feature a housing of dimensionally stable deep-drawn steel plates ensuring a compact and robust design. hand operating forces have been noticeably optimised for the user by the application of axial ball bearings.

Features and benefits include:
- Stable upright positioning of the unit due to the combination of
handle and foot.
- Space-saving telescopic hand lever that can be safely attached
to the unit by means of a hook and-pile fastener. Short handle
lever for Y05 ST not telescopic.
- Overload protection is provided by a shear pin. Spare shear
pins are conveniently located in the carrying handle. A broken pin
can be replaced without removing the load.
- Yaletrac® ST uses a special flexible rope. It has six strands with a
steel core and is identified by an orange strand. The rope is
tapered at one end for easy threading and is fitted with an eye
sling hook with safety latch on the other end.
- The parallel arrangement of the clamping system protects the
rope by distributing the clamping forces evenly. A long rope
advance per each lever stroke increases the working speed.
- Increased service life of the unit due to the use of rubber sleeves
which prevent dirt and dust from penetrating into the mechanical
equipment of the unit.
- Positioning of the forward and reversing levers in tandem provides
a slim design and ensures optimal power transfer.
- A lever disengages the rope clamp system allowing easy and
smooth installation of the rope.
- The large opening in the top of the unit allows easy cleaning:
simply flush the unit with water and apply motor oil for lubrication
and the Yaletrac® ST is again ready for use.